Magnesia Dolomite Bricks are used worldwide in many steel mills to line the steel casting and treatment ladle. With a such brick lining, it is remarkable that there is no transfer of oxygen into the liquid steel due to its low oxidation potential. As a result, it reduces the complication of desulfurization, the combination with basic slag is favorable, and the discharge of Fe is increased. Also, Magnesia Dolomite Bricks are known for good service lives and low costs.



Application Field


Magnesia Dolomite Bricks are widely used in following fields:

  • AOD furnace;
  • VOD furnace;
  • Secondary metallurgy treatment ladles.

Specs Sheet

Specification Sheet for Magnesia Dolomite Brick

Item MaDo-20 Typical Value MaDo-30 Typical Value
MgO, % 75-79 75.60 65-69 65.81
CaO, % 18-22 19.92 28-32 30.70
Fe2O3, %, ≤ 3 2.75 3 2.32
SiO2, %, ≤
Al2O3, %, ≤
Apparent Porosity, %, ≤ 8 5 8 5.5
Bulk Density, g/cm3 2.9 3.13 2.9 3.10
Cold Crushing Strength, Mpa, ≥ 50 58 55 62
Refractoriness Under Load, ℃,≥ 1700 - 1700 -





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