Various types of Brick Lining Machines are designed for rotary kilns with diameter ranging from 3.0M- to 7.6M. It features hydraulic jacks, screw jacks, and arch hinge connections allowing for the quickest and easiest adjustments in the cement kilns and other refractory industries.




Application Field


Brick Lining Machine is widely used in such fields as rotary kilns:

  • Rotary kilns;
  • Cements industries;
  • Other refractories fields.

Specs Sheet


Item Unit USG52R
Kiln Diameter mm 4,800-5,600
Working Pressure Mpa 0.4 - 0.6
Cylinder Stroke mm 160
Noise dBA 85
Dimension mm 4,200 X 4,930 X 4,130
Weight Kg 2,500
Air Driven Hydraulic Pump   PATG1102
Working Pressure Mpa 0.4-0.6
Flow Rate 40
Weight Kg 7.45
Hydraulic Cylinder   RC1010
Stroke mm 258
Working Pressure Mpa 0-40

Note: Above specs sheet shall be subject to adjustion as per actual deal and requirement.


Handling Procedure


Regarding operation guide, we are glad to present our technician expertise as below, and customers shall designate qualified operaters to run the machine according to the guideline and specific conditions based on their best discretion:

Operation Instruction

The commissioning shall start after air feeds in and the air pressure goes up to rated pressure of 0.4~0.6Mpa. After position is decided well by adjusting back and forward, lock the pulley with fixed screws.

Push the bricks out by the inner support board of arc support in place from bottom to top orderly through support board up-down switch (21) during work, the middle left space holding the firebricks from inner side by using the hydraulic jack of pneumatic hydraulic pump , after confirming the ejection force upto 30Mpa~40Mpa, make all the pushed out support board reset under air pressure through up-down switch (21) of support board orderly again.

When finished one ring of brick laying, the user need to move the pulley, make the external support block of the arc support in same position as the original inner support board place where pushed out the firebrick; meanwhile pull the coordinated switch (31) to make all external support block raise to hold the bricks, the middle 5 pcs of support blocks of arc support external side keep in same place, after confirming all the two side support blocks pushed in place completely, then loose the pressure relief switch of the pneumatic hydraulic pump, take away seam jack to make space, then pull the up-down switch (28) 5 pcs of the middle 5 pcs of support boards respectively, push the brick out into seam position using  the middle 5 pcs of support boards orderly, then fix it. After confirming the firebricks fixed tightly enough, pull the coordinated switch (31) 5 pcs and seam switches (28) to make all external support block reset under air pressure. When doing the above job, at the same time repeat the work of inner support board according to the instruction.

The equipment working height can be adjusted according to kiln diameter through pulling the specific parts in-and-out.

The working pressure of pneumatic hydraulic pump: input air pressure 0.5~0.7Mpa; output oil pressure 30Mpa~40Mpa; and the user can adjust the air pressure according to actual condition during work.

Maintenance and Lubrication

  • Before working every shift, examine every fastener and check the connecting parts carefully. The rotating part and sliding parts need lubricating oil one time for every shift.
  • Examine the triplet water oil separator parts one time every shift, add lubricating oil (sewing machine oil) timely when oil level low and rated oil level.
  • Examine the pneumatic hydraulic pump pressure two times every shift, pls add 46# anti-wear hydraulic oil timely when pressure not enough or oil leakage.
  • When finish usage of machine, please remove every parts reversely to the installation sequence, clean the dirty stuff, and add rust preventative oil in every easily rust part.



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