Roll Forming Machine comprises of decoiler, forming system, hydraulic & cutting system and PLC controlling system etc., and colored steel sheet or plate is final product with beautiful and smooth appearance, uniform painting, high strength and durable lifespan.




Application Field


Colored steel sheet & plate as final product of Roll Forming Machine is widely used as per following features of the machine:

  • Anti-rust roller: CNC machine tooled, Plated with 0.05mm hard chrome.
  • Heat treatment: Heat treatment for cutting frame to remove the steel stress, to avoid deformation.
  • Cutter blade: Cr12 mould steel with quenched treatment, long life time.
  • High precision: Rollers are CNC processed to ensure precision performance.
  • People originated: introduced Taida PLC with touch screen. Friendly man-machine interaction.

Specs Sheet


Item Unit Description
Main Specs
Feeding Width mm 1,220 (48") and 914(36")
Effective Width mm 1,008 and 720
Material Thickness mm 0.38 - 0.76
Coil Material - Q235 or equivalent
Tolerance - Forffective width is ±3mm
For crest height and crest distance is ±1mm
Exterior Diameter, Max. mm φ1500
Interior Diameter, Max. mm φ450-550
Coil Width, Max. mm φ1,250
Load Capacity, Max. Mt 5
Forming System
Shaft Material - #45 steel, outer diameter of 80mm
Roller Material - #45 steel
No. of Forming Steps - 12-15
Drived - by chain
Forming speed - 9 -15m/min
Main motor power KW 5.5 – 7.5
Voltage V 220V, 60HZ, three-phase or as required
Hydraulic & Cutting System
Hydraulic Station   1 Set
With hydraulic station, Motor KW 4
Cutting Press Ton 20
Blade Material   Cr12 steel with quenched and treated at 60-62℃
Cutting system   1. Driven by advanced hydraulic system, cutting is made automatically after forming, and without distorting and waste, and with higher safety.
2. Product length tracked and monitered by servo, and cutting made in continuous mode.
PLC Controlling System
Screen   Delta touch screen
PLC   Delta
Working   1. Length measurement is made automatically
2. Quantity is counted automatically.
3. The lenth and number of the products are controlled by computer, and cutting will be made when meeting value set. The machine shall stop when required quantity is achieved.
4. Length accuracy can be adjusted easily.
Discharging System
Discharging table   1 Set

Note: Above specs sheet shall be subject to adjustion as per actual deal and requirement.


Handling Procedure


Regarding operation guide, we are glad to present our technician expertise as below, and customers shall designate qualified operaters to run the machine according to the guideline and specific conditions based on their best discretion:

 Operation Guide

    • Before the machine puts into use, the workers shall wear tight-fitting protective clothing with cuffs fastened and the hem of jacket shall not be open. The workers shall not simply wrap cloth around the body, and must were a helmet with braids wholly contained, and must not wear skirts or slippers.
    • Each part of the machine shall be maintained lubricate,and for every shift lubrication oil shall be added once by the operators. It is highly suggested that the mechanic shall feed lubrication oil into the part of rolling bearing once half a year.


  • The rated thickness shall be strictly followed, and thickness of the raw material shall not exceed the rated value. Also the material shall be free of hard mark, weld material and weld seam.
    • The usage for the machine:
    • Blade pitch shall be adjusted strictly as per the thickness of feeding material.
    • Adjust cam or fixture according to width of feeding material.
    • Before normal production, dumb stroke shall be made 1- 3 times. Formal cutting shall begin after everything is fine.
  • Operation shall strictly proceed as per regulation.
  • Lubricating oil shall be fed at fixed timing with required dosage for specified parts before each start. The oil shall be clean and free of precipitation.
  • Unqualified personnel are prohibited to run machine, and the machine shall stop immediately when the operators are out of site.
  • Lubricant in the bearing part in the motor shall be changed and filled periodically, and it is suggested that regular inspection is made for electric parts to decide whether it is safe and reliable.
  • The parts as V-belt, handle, knobs and buttons etc shall be checked at regular period. Worn parts if any shall be replaced timely, and the report shall be made for supplements.




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